New Japanese gaming ads

by NFG - 31st December 2006 in default, Games

44 more! 17 good ones! 12 over here! 39 more ads! 11 ads zOMFG! And finally, here are over a hundred more J-Commercials! * Never mind that there are only 200 linked from this page, there are 300+ on the […]

Back in Japan

by NFG - 4th September 2006 in default

I’m back in Japan for ten days. I arrived yesterday in the early evening, after what can only be described as a fantastic flight. When checking in at the Brisbane airport I had asked for first row seats, since the […]

Published again!

by NFG - 11th June 2006 in default

Acclaim magazine has run a short article on parkour, and have used a couple of my pictures: Larger versions of those two pics are here: Top image Bottom Image Woo, etc! Sadly the cover’s not mine.

Story of the Blue Car

by NFG - 8th January 2006 in default

This is a Renault 5 GTE. It’s the last model made before the Clio and is, IMHO, a better looking car. It’s all sharp edges, more agressive, less girlycar. That said it didn’t go quite like a Clio, though I’d […]

The Book

by NFG - 6th January 2006 in default

The Book (Amazon US) has consumed a large part of my life in the last twelve months. It was an incredible ordeal, a real pain in the ass. The story goes something like this: After agreeing to do the book, […]

Expensive whups.

by NFG - 8th July 2004 in default

So i fried my phone by adding the new switch. Camera no workee. Phone completely locks up when i try to use the cam. Took it in for repair today. If they replace it i lose my expensive downloaded games. […]

I used to think…

by NFG - 1st January 1970 in default