Problems with MAME (update: SOLVED)

by NFG - 9th March 2014 in books, Games

You might remember I’m writing an update to the NFG pixel art book. Remember, the one that’s selling on Amazon for seven thousand dollars? Ridiculous. Anyway, I’m having trouble with MAME and I’m desperate for assistance. UPDATE: The problem is […]

Updating the NFG Book

by NFG - 25th February 2014 in books, Games

You might remember I wrote a book on video game sprites and pixel art. It was fairly well received, and for a while sold on Amazon’s famously fucked-up marketplace for half a thousand dollars. Or over seven thousand dollars if […]

Book Review: Influx, by Daniel Suarez

by NFG - 25th February 2014 in books

I’m a very fussy reader. I require my stories to be smart, and the characters in them to be relatable. When a story’s premise is daft, I can ignore it for the sake of a rollicking good yarn, but if […]

Pixel Art Book

by NFG - 1st September 2006 in books

Many of you might not know I’ve been writing a book. I don’t talk about it much ’cause of the problems I’ve been having getting it done, and working with the publisher, but it’s starting to look like it’ll actually […]

Book Review: Ringworld & Ringworld Engineers

by NFG - 3rd January 2006 in books

When I was a lot younger, about nine years old, I was reading a lot of sci-fi. Ringworld Engineers was a book I picked up from my school library, and I read it from cover to cover. The book was […]

Alastair Reynolds, Absolution Gap

by NFG - 12th July 2004 in books