The New Bike

by NFG - 8th January 2016 in Australia, Review

When I lived in Canada I was doing a lot of mountain biking. I had a habit of breaking cheap bikes and so I kept getting bigger and better ones, eventually ending up with a Specialized Big Hit, a monster […]

Militarization and Societal Polarization

by NFG - 1st May 2015 in Australia, Editorial, Social Studies

I’ve long been aware of a particular shift in our collective cultural thinking, towards the belief that our military, and its warriors, are beyond reproach, beyond criticism. In the same way that we often hold our police to be incapable […]

A quick thought on free speech

by NFG - 1st May 2015 in Australia, Social Studies

From a recent ABC news article, this reply by Tim Wilson makes a very important point about free speech. Scott McIntyre was an SBS Journalist who some contentious tweets, on ANZAC Day, which I thought were a fairly reasonable (though […]

Australia, lol

by NFG - 18th April 2013 in Australia

While Australia fights over 25 or 100mbit internet, Japan casually starts rolling out 2gbit. #Australia #lol #cry This utter failure is all too common in the West, where the infrastructure players refuse to compete with each other, instead drawing lines […]

Google + Australia = Sucks

by NFG - 8th April 2013 in Australia

When I search Google for information about all I get are endless seas of links to pages selling the item, or worse, endless links to pages that have machine-created templates with inserted in the appropriate spaces. Like reviews sites which […]


Just a quick photo for ya.

Australia Rocks: Part 2

by NFG - 25th August 2006 in Australia

So, an update. (part one) I called Customs about the airsoft pistol they didn’t want me to have. They said I couldn’t import it without a permit, but in order to get a permit I needed to get a license, […]

Australia rocks.

by NFG - 25th August 2006 in Australia

I’ve been abused in the past for hating on Australia. I’d like to take this moment to write some positive words about this country. Specifically, I’d like to talk about Australia’s super-happy protective gun laws. Let’s start with the backstory. […]

I hate this place.

by NFG - 3rd June 2006 in Australia

It’s official. As of now, I hate Australia. Allow me to tell you a story about my incredible inability to make a collect call. I need to call Visa and change our address ’cause we’re expecting them to mail us […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Hall of Brisbane…

by NFG - 2nd April 2006 in Australia

I went into Brisbane today, to the Queen Street Mall (it’s not, like, a MALL) and hung out for a few hours. It was pretty awesome. First I arrived late and missed my train into town, and since I was […]