Something interesting is afoot.

by NFG - 8th July 2013 in Editorial

Lately it seems like a lot of the people I subscribe to are starting to coalesce into a vision of the future that I’ve been sensing but not quite seeing clearly for a while now. I’m a big fan of […]

The Snowden Affair

by NFG - 3rd July 2013 in Editorial

Edward Snowden worked for the National Security Agency in the USA, and he revealed a fairly large spying program where the agency was snooping on American citizens. Now, most Americans presumed this wasn’t allowed, but the rules had changed, and […]

Penny Arcade Report – The XBone Thread

by NFG - 24th May 2013 in Editorial, Games

I’ve been online for a very long time, and read some incredibly stupid things. This used games for the XBone discussion from Penny Arcade Report is damn near the top of my Apparently serious list of insane bullshit from an […]

Banned in China!

by NFG - 5th November 2007 in Editorial

The Death of E3 – For Better or Worse?

by NFG - 8th November 2006 in Editorial, Games

The death of E3 has been predicted for a while by some, but now that it’s happened (And despite their claims of restructuring and refocusing it might as well be dead for most of us) the general consensus is that […]

Ebay, cursed ebay.

by NFG - 1st October 2006 in Editorial

For most of the five years I lived in Japan I was selling games on ebay. It was fun, back when you could get stuff cheap and sell it dear, but times changed. Still though I find stockpiles of games […]

The Atari Curse: Part 4

by NFG - 15th June 2006 in Editorial

Sony: Crack Smokers

by NFG - 16th March 2006 in Editorial

Not three weeks ago they were admantly proclaiming a spring 2006 launch, but now it’s November, according to the Nihon Keizai Newspaper (No article link, it’s behind a paywall). Sony’s Kutaragi has tried to soften the price blow by scaremongering: […]

Moving sucks

by NFG - 3rd October 2005 in Editorial

So we’re moving in about five weeks. It’s going to kill me, for sure. Moving overseas for me is like reinventing myself with all the work done months before results can be known. Should I sell all my games? Keep […]

I have a problem

by NFG - 8th July 2005 in Editorial

My mind does a lot of processing on a subconscious level. In the background there’s a lot of mental shit going on that I am unaware of. It manifests itself in different ways – the sudden burst of creativity or […]