Thinking about Video Games

by NFG - 11th February 2016 in Editorial, Games, Personal

I’ve never really been comfortable with modern game thinking. A lot of people I know subscribe to this idea that videogames can be more than they are, that they should be more. More emotion, more story. They see this as […]


“From the discomfort of truth there is only one refuge: ignorance. I do not need to be comfortable, and I will not take refuge. I demand to know.”

Richard Morgan, from the novel Black Man.

A new toy

by NFG - 4th September 2007 in Personal

I was in Japan last week and while I had a fantastic time I didn’t find much to buy. A man can only eat so many メロンパン or メロンソーダ, ya know? I bought a couple of cheap trinkets for the […]

Grr, gnash whine complain

by NFG - 7th November 2006 in Personal

I have no internet at home. It’s been almost three weeks. First it takes a week for the useless Australian monopoly that is Telstra to actually TURN OFF the ADSL at my old place, then it takes a week to […]

A momentous evening.

by NFG - 14th January 2006 in Personal

It’s been an interesting night. First I found a microscopic baby gecko in the kitchen. After chasing him around for a while, I coerced him onto my hand. Then I had a nasty, nasty shock. Witness The Lurking Horror!! He’s […]

Plenty of changes around here.

by NFG - 6th January 2006 in Personal

Things are happening. Things are always happening, of course, but lately they’re happening a lot. First, the big news: I got paid for the book. More on that soon. With the money I’ve paid off most of my car loan, […]

Moving sucks (continued…) – So yeah, it doth suxx0r

by NFG - 4th July 2005 in Personal

We’re still in the process of preparing for the move and things are progressing apace. Today Off House (part of the network of stores that includes Hard Off, Book Off and others) is coming to check out our Fridge, Dryer, […]

Australia, again.

by NFG - 31st May 2005 in Personal

So here we are, living in Australia. I’m working at my dad’s office. Currently I’m putting together web templates for his customers to select from, in order to minimize the design work we have to do. Typically this work is […]

I am a goldfish.

by NFG - 11th October 2004 in Health, Personal

In the HBO series Oz there was an episode where the narrator talked about goldfish, and how they had a very short memory. It was suggested that with a total memory of about thirty seconds a goldfish who is happy […]


by NFG - 6th October 2004 in Health, Personal

I have a dentist’s appointment in a week. I’m absolutely dreading the truth of how decrepit my teeth are. It’s been a decade and a half since I’ve seen a dentist, and while I had no fillings then I am […]