Thinking about Video Games

by NFG - 11th February 2016 in Editorial, Games, Personal

I’ve never really been comfortable with modern game thinking. A lot of people I know subscribe to this idea that videogames can be more than they are, that they should be more. More emotion, more story. They see this as […]

Review – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

by NFG - 1st April 2015 in Games, Review, Reviews

The problem with Geometry Wars 3 is that it tries too hard to be better, without understanding what made the prequels good. Geometry Wars is basically Robotron for the modern era, and the first GW games knew this. They adhered […]

Capcom’s CPS Changer

by NFG - 21st March 2015 in Games, Hardware

The nineties were a time of weird and wonderful experimentation in Japan. Flush with bubble-era cash and without a clear idea what to do with it, a lot of companies tried a lot of ambitious things. Minidisc, X68000, Skyline GT-R. […]

Resurrecting the Dreamcast with GDEMU

by NFG - 21st March 2015 in Games, Hardware, Reviews

The Dreamcast has long been one of my top-5 consoles, along with the Super Nintendo and PC Engine, but Sega’s attempts to region-lock it made it less valuable to me as I bounced around the world from NTSC-U to NTSC-J […]

Twenty Years of the Sega Saturn

by NFG - 22nd November 2014 in Games, Hardware

Twenty years ago today Sega’s 32-bit Saturn console was launched in Japan. I was living in Canada at the time, managing video game store, and my Japanese friend imported one as soon as he could. He guarded it with some […]

Review: Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

by NFG - 18th July 2014 in Games, Reviews

How long do you need to play a game before you decide you don’t like it? How many minutes are required before you say to yourself “Well, that was ten bucks wasted, thanks for nothing Steam’s Refund Policy.” For me […]

PC Engine Magazine Retrospective

by NFG - 2nd June 2014 in Games, Hardware, Japan, Technology

I’ve been going through a massive archive of PC Engine magazines recently. Complete runs of every PCE mag ever printed, basically, 43 gigabytes of scans that brought me on a roller coaster of PC Engine history. The entire history of […]

Problems with MAME (update: SOLVED)

by NFG - 9th March 2014 in books, Games

You might remember I’m writing an update to the NFG pixel art book. Remember, the one that’s selling on Amazon for seven thousand dollars? Ridiculous. Anyway, I’m having trouble with MAME and I’m desperate for assistance. UPDATE: The problem is […]

Updating the NFG Book

by NFG - 25th February 2014 in books, Games

You might remember I wrote a book on video game sprites and pixel art. It was fairly well received, and for a while sold on Amazon’s famously fucked-up marketplace for half a thousand dollars. Or over seven thousand dollars if […]

Robotron: Sprites and Fonts!

by NFG - 27th January 2014 in Games

I love Robotron. You may have heard. Using Sean Riddel’s Williams Gfx Ripper application I scoured the Robotron arcade ROMs and pulled out all the Robotron sprites. While Mr. Riddel’s page had them already prepared, the image was a JPG, […]