Vintage SNK ads

by NFG - 3rd November 2004 in Games

I’ve recently capped and put online four vintage SNK ads. These are capped directly from LaserDisc and should be very agreeable quality. First up a Samurai Shodown 30-sec ad, two 30-sec Fatal Fury 2 spots, and a five minute Fatal Fury 3 promo video:

Samurai Shodown
Fatal Fury 2 1
Fatal Fury 2 2
Fatal Fury 3 Promo

These vids use XVID, and the best xvid codec I’ve found is FFDShow.

[update 03/16] This spanish site has direct-linked my videos, which I discourage is staffed with wonderful, happy + reasonable people. Yay for gamers worldwide. If you want to share these, and I would be happy if you did, please link to this page.

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