I went into Brisbane today, to the Queen Street Mall (it’s not, like, a MALL) and hung out for a few hours. It was pretty awesome. First I arrived late and missed my train into town, and since I was going in to buy books I didn’t bring any with me, so it was a long boring 25 minute wait for the next train.

Anyway, that boring tale behind us, the day was a lot of fun. They’re filming another commercial in town, so one major street is blocked off. A bunch of Koreans were hard at work, though they didn’t actually DO anything while I was there. So I wandered around, ate mall-pizza (in, like, a MALL) and then sat around and watched people for a while.

And I took their pictures.

Not every picture was great, and it turns out I forgot to set the camera back to hi-res, so the first forty or so kind of sucked.

Some kids were trying to perfect a three-foot drop onto a skateboard, so I took pics of that.

There were tons of goth kids out, as usual, and I took a picture of these charming girls with their cat ears and monkey.

This girl had an amazing body. Look at those shorts! It’s a shame about that nose though…

I had a Gloria Jean Iced Chocolate which was really great.

And, finally, Buddy Jesus.

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