I’ve recently acquired a Capcom CPS Changer system, a kind of bizarre Capcom console sold to a very few lucky souls. Have a look!

EDY Cash Card for Arcade Use

by NFG - 3rd January 2004 in Games

Something I noticed at the AOU show last week but only recently put together with actual facts was the EDY contactless cash-card from Bitwallet. Launched in Japan in 2002 it’s a prepaid cashcard that users can fuel up at over […]

A Day with the Arcades

by NFG - 5th October 2003 in Games

Today I went to Shinjuku to meet up with Rayforce (from #shmups). He showed me a half dozen great arcades and I actually played some arcade games for the first time in too long. Here’s what I played and what […]


I’ve posted a smackload of screenshots for the as-yet unemulated DoDonPachi 2. Coming soon: a review!

Current Goings on:

by NFG - 6th May 2003 in Games

Found my old SNES JAMMA system under a pile of MSX hardware today. It’s ugly, but it works. Also here’s an early look at a WIP: Konami’s 3DO M2-based Polystars.