Capcom’s CPS Changer

by NFG - 21st March 2015 in Games, Hardware

The nineties were a time of weird and wonderful experimentation in Japan. Flush with bubble-era cash and without a clear idea what to do with it, a lot of companies tried a lot of ambitious things. Minidisc, X68000, Skyline GT-R. […]

Ghouls n Ghosts Sprite History

by NFG - 14th April 2013 in Games

If you’re a gamer beyond a certain age there’s a game you’ll remember from the old days called Ghosts n Goblins, or its sequel Ghouls n Ghosts. They were mid- and late-eighties Capcom games known for their unforgiving difficulty as […]

Remaking Street Fighter

by NFG - 31st March 2008 in Games

So Capcom’s remaking their seminal beat-em-up with all-new high-def graphics for the XBox 360 Live Arcade. It’s gonna be the same gameplay we know and love with a glorious new skin. But Capcom’s not alone in doing a Street Fighter […]

Trials and Tribulations

by NFG - 26th October 2006 in Games

The other day I had a hankering for some Street Fighter. I don’t actually have Street Fighter for any consoles, so my options were limited to emulation or dragging out some arcade gear and playing it for reals. I decided […]


I’ve recently acquired a Capcom CPS Changer system, a kind of bizarre Capcom console sold to a very few lucky souls. Have a look!