Resurrecting the Dreamcast with GDEMU

by NFG - 21st March 2015 in Games, Hardware, Reviews

The Dreamcast has long been one of my top-5 consoles, along with the Super Nintendo and PC Engine, but Sega’s attempts to region-lock it made it less valuable to me as I bounced around the world from NTSC-U to NTSC-J […]


From the archives, a review of what might be fallen-giant SNK’s last attempt at something almost entirely original (ignoring for a moment it was a rhythm game with a style that looks very familiar…). Cool Cool Toon was a Dreamcast game that did everything right and still managed to suck.

Playing Games: Dreamcast (2)

by NFG - 28th March 2006 in Games

In the second of a silly little series, I’m playing every game in my Dreamcast library, offering impressions from a fresh perspective, as many of these have lain unplayed for a long time. Fun or a ridiculous exercise in self-fappery, […]

Playing Games: Dreamcast

by NFG - 27th January 2006 in Games

As part of a new series, I’m going to play a massive series of short games and write about it. Fun or a ridiculous exercise in self-fappery, I leave up to the reader to decide. (

Delicious Irony: The Full Circle

by NFG - 18th March 2003 in Games

I think this is great:[-] Sega launches the Dreamcast, purchases millions of PowerVR chips. Dreamcast dies, many chips unsold. [-] Sammy buys the chips from Sega, reports indicate Sammy is to incorporate them into pachinko machines. Instead, Sammy lauches the […]