Hudson Announces Nectaris DS

by NFG - 27th February 2006 in Games

“Hudson Announces Nectaris DS”, that’s the headline I long to hear. Nectaris, released in North America as Military Madness, is fantastically popular in Japan, and it has a cult following overseas. Unlike most hex grid strategy games Nectaris focuses on […]

A few new updates

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

I did a comparison of all three of Namco’s Galaga ’88 ports: PC Engine, X68000 and Arcade. If you like, you can click here. I picked up PacPix and Meteos for Nintendo’s DS yesterday, and there’ll be a review of […]

3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

Nintendo’s DS: An NFG Review

by NFG - 21st December 2004 in Hardware

After writing up all the things that went wrong with the PSP a few people asked what I thought about the DS. The bottom line: Nintendo’s DS is far better designed and constructed. Never mind the specs and features and […]