Two game guides – Works in Progress

by NFG - 29th January 2005 in Games

I’ve been working on a couple of game guides. Hudson’s Nectaris is one of the greatest hex sims ever made. I’ve put together a light guide to the basic strategic elements of the game, with more to come. For more […]


I’ve put together a page on the Anatomy of a Joystick, the first in a series of articles about controls (I hope!).

Enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything that might need to be changed.

Today’s tech fun!

by NFG - 9th March 2004 in Hard Hackin, X68000

Tonight I spent some time putting the finishing touches on an X68000 power supply repair. Once I got it all finished and put it together, it failed to function. Turns out the floppy drives were dead. Let this be a […]


SiK and I, along with some of the #shmups denizens, have put together a preliminary guide to the Caravan stages of Soldier Blade for the PC Engine. Have a look if you’re into that.


I’ve put up a detailed guide on repairing those flaky X68000 power suppies, have a look.