For Want of a Button

by NFG - 21st May 2015 in Hard Hackin, Mobile Devices

I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 4 phone, and I love it. It’s an amazing piece of hardware let down only by Samsung’s inability to write useful software. Or perhaps it makes as much sense to say that Samsung can’t […]

Tecmo sues game hackers

by NFG - 2nd October 2005 in Games

According to several sites, The US arm of Tecmo has sued a group of game hackers for, essentially, making nude codes. Tecmo has sued people for playing with games they legally own in a way Tecmo doesn’t approve of. This […]


After a long time of no substantive updates I completely reworked the PC Engine RGB mod page. All new pics, all new text, and gobs of new links.

Check it out.

My doorbell broke.

by NFG - 23rd August 2004 in Hard Hackin

My doorbell ceased to function a few days ago. I only noticed ’cause, as a complete fluke, I happened to be on my way out the door when a delivery arrived. The first time I watched the guy through the […]

Sega Saturn Switchless Mod: Done!

by NFG - 23rd July 2004 in Hard Hackin

Someone recently asked me to modify their US Sega Saturn with one of my switchless mods and last night I did it. Since my camera’s in the shop, I had to use my celphone to take pics. It did a […]

V-601SH speaker killswitch

by NFG - 23rd July 2004 in Hard Hackin

My phone makes a loud chime sound whenever I take a picture, as part of an anti-upskirt measure all Japanese cellphone makers adopted. I’m not particularly against this, tho it’d have been nicer if I could choose my own sound… […]

Making a Saturn USB pad…

by NFG - 19th May 2004 in Hard Hackin

I’ve whipped up a more detailed mod than normal over on, showing in detail how I made a Saturn pad into a USB pad. Have a look-see!

PC Engine CD ROM Mod: Done!

by NFG - 10th May 2004 in Hard Hackin

I spent the greater part of my evening putting together a PC Engine CD (with case) system that I could call my own. I pulled out all the stops, with a white (not yellow!) PC Engine system, the cleanest CD […]

Lots of time spent on new hacks.

by NFG - 8th May 2004 in Hard Hackin

Remember that speaker killswitch I made for my celphone? It was externally ugly so I remade it with a different switch and a button I ripped out of a dummy (demo) phone I bought at a surplus shop. It looks […]

Today’s tech fun!

by NFG - 9th March 2004 in Hard Hackin, X68000

Tonight I spent some time putting the finishing touches on an X68000 power supply repair. Once I got it all finished and put it together, it failed to function. Turns out the floppy drives were dead. Let this be a […]