MegaDrive Review: Herzog Zwei

by NFG - 23rd January 2013 in Games, Reviews

Originally published on NFGGames in 2001, updated in 2008 for Insomnia and, I think, destined for the one-issue-and-dead GameGo magazine… ‘Herzog Zwei’ means “Dukes Two” in German, the title indicating not only that this is a two-player game, but that […]

Introduction and Air Diver Review

by Funky - 14th May 2006 in Games

Well… Lesse… I run the site and do my best to update it every decade or so. NFG Games has helped inspire me to actually publish some long lost articles and reviews I have written over the years. With […]

Blasts from Ye Olde Pasts!

by NFG - 15th February 2006 in Games

These posts are really old, but it might be worth revisiting. They came to the fore again curing the conversion of the old archives. There’s some pictures (most with boobies) of the lovely new Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book. A Herzog […]


The Sega TeraDrive is an unusual computer. Have a look!


Friend of mine’s made up the world’s first English complete MegaDrive CD game database. check it out.


Some neat stuff game in the mail today. A JVC V-Saturn Xmas Nights Edition (who knew?) and this JVC WonderMega 2, which is very different than the first. Also got an N64 with an interesting RGB amp, which I’ll be dissecting later.

More Samsung/Sega madness

by NFG - 20th February 2003 in Games

Yowza. TheGord has found not only a Samsung Saturn (pic1 – pic2) in Korea, but also a Samsung Genesis/MegaDrive.

Some weird prototype gear

by NFG - 22nd January 2003 in Hardware

For your viewing enjoyment and wonderment, some protype PC Engine gear and a few pics of some MegaDrive protos: MD Floppy Drive, a MD Floppy + keyboard and a MD FDD + touchpad. None of these items were released, but […]

More interesting stuff…

by NFG - 3rd January 2003 in Games

So MicroSoft + EA are both interested in buying Sega, and who can blame them? Except for the fact Sega’s totally unable to make money, they’ve got a lot of gold in their backcatalogue. I bought 4 brand new MegaDrive […]