A few new updates

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

I did a comparison of all three of Namco’s Galaga ’88 ports: PC Engine, X68000 and Arcade. If you like, you can click here. I picked up PacPix and Meteos for Nintendo’s DS yesterday, and there’ll be a review of […]

Namco + Sega merger??

by NFG - 20th April 2003 in Games

It’ just a crazy world when Sega is considering mergers with Namco, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Sammy. It’s pretty damned clear Sega isn’t capable of doing much but running themselves into the ground, and when they drop their earnings estimates […]

Soul Calibur 2 Poster, + more!

by NFG - 4th April 2003 in Games

Took a quick pic of a gorgeous Soul Calibur 2 poster (large). Very cool. Also, a long time ago I made up this brief recap of the incredible (At the time) SegaCD Silpheed. I’ve created the ultimate GBA assist: AuthentiScreen!