PC Engine RomRom Amp Manual

by NFG - 3rd March 2016 in Games, Hardware

Since I’ve got the scanner out, I’ve scanned the PC Engine RomRom Amp manual. This cool little stereo amplifier came with two speakers and was made to fit under the CDROM system. It has some cute art inside.


A few years ago I did a Bonk’s Adventure sprite history for my book, and I put the whole thing online. Check it out if you’re into 16-bit sprites. ^_^

PC Engine Modem – Unveiled!

by NFG - 4th September 2007 in Games

According to one Japanese source the PCE Modem, or Tsushin Booster, was released as a prototype to 20-30 PC Engine groups or fans, for monitored testing. After this, up to 100 ‘final’ units were produced before NEC pulled the plug […]


RobIvy has thrown a faster clock into his PCEngine and, apparently, it was a success. Games run faster, but so does the sound. A marginal increase in speed reduces slowdown in some games without raising the pitch too much.

Very interesting!

Sharp X-1 Twin Disassembly

by NFG - 7th April 2006 in Games

The Sharp X-1 Twin was a weird combination unit, featuring the X-1 computer (a Z80-based precursor to the X68000) and an integrated PC Engine. I use the term integrated loosely, the two systems shared the same shell, but little else. […]

Blasts from Ye Olde Pasts!

by NFG - 15th February 2006 in Games

These posts are really old, but it might be worth revisiting. They came to the fore again curing the conversion of the old archives. There’s some pictures (most with boobies) of the lovely new Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book. A Herzog […]

A few new updates

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

I did a comparison of all three of Namco’s Galaga ’88 ports: PC Engine, X68000 and Arcade. If you like, you can click here. I picked up PacPix and Meteos for Nintendo’s DS yesterday, and there’ll be a review of […]

The NFG/GameSX Wiki

by NFG - 13th April 2005 in Games

I’ve activated a wiki for GameSX and NFG Games. A wiki, if you don’t know, is a publicly editable page. Wikipedia is based on this concept. In theory, since anyone who can click a mouse can completely erase a page, […]

Two rare things for your enjoy.

by NFG - 21st January 2005 in Hardware

Recently someone auctioned off a prototype PC Engine modem on Yahoo’s Japanese auction site. This is the second one I’ve seen, but the first with software. The PCE modem was never released, and according to this auction only one hundred […]


Unknown to more or less everyone, I give you the Korean Vistar, a recycled TurboGrafx-16. As far as I know this is the first bit of information about it in the western world.