A few new updates

by NFG - 3rd November 2005 in Games

I did a comparison of all three of Namco’s Galaga ’88 ports: PC Engine, X68000 and Arcade. If you like, you can click here. I picked up PacPix and Meteos for Nintendo’s DS yesterday, and there’ll be a review of […]

Three updates!

by NFG - 26th November 2003 in Games

1. Zumi was mentioned in this month’s Edge magazine. Never mind that the mag is a mere shadow of its former self, they’re talking about Zumi! 2. Nintendo’s Monopoly was good for us. 3. The forums lost a chunk of […]


Zumi’s done up a Neo Geo plush.

Zumi Madness

by NFG - 10th April 2003 in Games

Zumi’s finished the GameCube and she’s hard at work on her next console. Pics soon!


Zumi whipped this dreamcast up the other day. As a first attempt I think she did an amazing job. Here it is with eyes. Next up: GameCube or PC Engine.