The PStwo

by NFG - 21st September 2004 in Hardware

Sony’s PStwo has finally been unveiled and it’s a stunner. Much smaller than I thought (and smaller than Spong thought), it turns out the system is really tiny. According to this Japanese page the system will launch in early October, […]

Catching up to 1996…

by NFG - 4th December 2003 in Games

So I donated my old workhorse PSX to my sister as a kind of belated xmas present, and it’s the first time she’s held a PSX pad. Picked up a copy of the Crash Bandicoot pack (Crash 3, CTR and […]

The PS2 ain’t so bad

by NFG - 14th April 2003 in Games

So my friend lent me his PS2 and a smackload of games. I’ve been playing them and I’ve gotta say, after no less than three and a half years, the PS2 finally has a small selection of software that doesn’t […]