Nothing to see here

by NFG - 16th June 2005 in Games

As some of the more observant have noticed, I redesigned the site. No content was lost, but the old design is gone forever and not archived (sorry). It’s all ’cause I have no new content, so I’m faking you out […]

Sony acknowledges PSP faults.. No, they don’t.

by NFG - 25th January 2005 in Hardware

You might remember my recent harsh appraisal of Sony’s PSP. According to a GameSpot article the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, said only .6% of the PSPs sold have been returned, and that people complaining about the buttons […]

Sony’s PSP: Reviewed

by NFG - 17th December 2004 in Hardware

So the PSP has launched and after a crazy adventure I managed to score one. Four days later the lineup for Nintendo DS units at my local Toys R Us was five times longer than the lineup for Sony’s PSP. […]