Sega Saturn Switchless Mod: Done!

by NFG - 23rd July 2004 in Hard Hackin

Someone recently asked me to modify their US Sega Saturn with one of my switchless mods and last night I did it. Since my camera’s in the shop, I had to use my celphone to take pics. It did a […]

Making a Saturn USB pad…

by NFG - 19th May 2004 in Hard Hackin

I’ve whipped up a more detailed mod than normal over on, showing in detail how I made a Saturn pad into a USB pad. Have a look-see!

Rarest of the Rare?

by NFG - 7th April 2004 in Games

There’s a lot of rare things in the Saturn world. The Samsung Saturn and the HiSaturn Navi spring to mind, but there’s nothing so rare as this: Sega SGX HSG-0007


I picked up a huge and rare Saturn Address Checker made by IS Electronics. No, this isn’t a repeat, this one’s a LOT different. About 8kg different in fact.

EDY Cash Card for Arcade Use

by NFG - 3rd January 2004 in Games

Something I noticed at the AOU show last week but only recently put together with actual facts was the EDY contactless cash-card from Bitwallet. Launched in Japan in 2002 it’s a prepaid cashcard that users can fuel up at over […]

Sega’s Megumi!

by NFG - 6th November 2003 in Games

It’s not quite games-related enough to be shunted into the Games Division, so here it is: Japan’s Megumi, spokesboobs for Sega and countless other companies, and she’s famous simply for being famous. Check her out. Videos and pics! Woo!


The Sega TeraDrive is an unusual computer. Have a look!

Sega Hardware Guide

by NFG - 27th August 2003 in Games

This is the most complete guide to Sega hardware in the universe, as far as I know. It covers all their hardware from the 8-bit pre-Master System stuff to the MegaDrive, Saturn and Dreamcast. There is a discussion thread on […]

Samsung Saturn

by NFG - 2nd August 2003 in Games

So the rumors are true: There is a Samsung-released Saturn system. Only in Korea, I’m sure. Here’s a couple of pics. Pic 1 and Pic 2 + Pic 3. Freaky.

Another weird thing.

by NFG - 2nd July 2003 in Games

Picked up this strange Saturn modem recently. Apparently it’s from Nissan, or something (Thanks Millar) but little more is known. If you know, tell me!