The machines are getting it wrong.

by NFG - 9th July 2013 in Editorial

The tech press tends to make a big deal out of Google’s octopus-like control of so many facets of our online lives. Search, YouTube, Maps, Android, etc etc, all tied together, tracking us, learning from us… And then showing us […]

Australia, lol

by NFG - 18th April 2013 in Australia

While Australia fights over 25 or 100mbit internet, Japan casually starts rolling out 2gbit. #Australia #lol #cry This utter failure is all too common in the West, where the infrastructure players refuse to compete with each other, instead drawing lines […]

Google + Australia = Sucks

by NFG - 8th April 2013 in Australia

When I search Google for information about all I get are endless seas of links to pages selling the item, or worse, endless links to pages that have machine-created templates with inserted in the appropriate spaces. Like reviews sites which […]

Turkey Censors the world!

by NFG - 13th January 2013 in Social Studies

I’m sure Turkish authorities wish they could control the whole internet.  A lot of countries do, ’cause let’s face it, the internet is chock full of embarrassing shit, and that can’t be allowed, right? Turkey actually emailed me to let […]