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Subject: Iphone: Neo Nectaris
As you may remember, I'm a Nectaris addict.  I bought it for the PC Engine, I  bought it again for my Japanese celphone, the X68000, and I recently bought it for the Xbox 360.  There was a sequel, the only official sequel by Hudson, called Neo Nectaris.  It had some new units, graphics, and maps, but the same rock-solid hex-grid gameplay.

And now it's out on the iphone, with sumptuous redrawn sprites.


At first you'd think the iphone would be the ideal platform for a game like this: touch unit, move, attack!  And it almost works perfectly.  It seems though that the game is a rush job: the hex grid looks sloppily overlaid on the map, the map graphics don't quite line up seamlessly, and the response lags a little bit when you touch things.

The music loops poorly, with noticable gaps when it ends and restarts.  The timer doesn't stop when the game's doing things outside your control like drawing menus or fading the screen in and out, so it's basically useless.

But it's still Nectaris, and it's not at all bad to play.  As is the norm for this series you can either turn the battle animations off entirely and not get any indication of your success in battle until you re-highlight a unit, or you can turn them on and get bored while they play out, but get all the fancy animations and results.  A middle ground would be nice, the X360 version popped up little numbers when the battle ended so you could see what happened.

A little more attention to detail, a few more days of polish, and it'd have gotten an unqualified recommendation.  As it is now, it's hard to recommend to anyone who doesn't already like Nectaris.  It works, it's good, but is that good enough?  At five bucks it's expensive, compared to other iphone games.  I kind of hoped for more.

Come on Hudson, pull out the stops and make an old fan extra happy instead of just pleased.

itunes link
Hudson (developer) site
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