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Subject: On Tron
I remember very clearly going to the theatre to see Tron when it was first released in 1982.  My father and I went ('cause my mom and sister weren't interested) and I, as a ten year old boy, thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.  Consider the context: The golden age of arcades, every mall had one (or more) stuffed with new and exciting video games.  Computer generated graphics in all the magazines for the first time...  Tron hit me and hit hard.  For years after seeing it, I'd imagine my world with brightly coloured vector lines surrounding obsidian shapes.


When we left the theatre, I remember bubbling over with effusive excitement, still reeling from the powerful awesome I'd just seen.  Light cycles, electronic tanks, solar sails! 

And then I listened to the people around me.  Everyone else in the theatre hated it.  Everyone was bitching, moaning, very negative.  I was crushed, really distressed.  Later, I asked my dad why no one else liked it.  He told me that it was probably because they didn't understand it.  They didn't know as much about computers as we did, so it made no sense to them.

I accepted this answer, but I didn't like it.  It drove a neat little wedge between me and 'most people'.  It was the first time I ever really felt that other people did not know what I knew, did not share the same excitement about the things I loved.

And now, years later, all these assholes think Tron's trendy and awesome, as if they loved it the whole time.  You lying shits!  You hated that movie!  You think now because you understand the difference between a left click and right click you can go back and love this movie?  Fuck you.

Here's a fan-made trailer for the original movie, which makes it seem far greater than it actually was:

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I think it might be worth offering people the benefit of the doubt, and allowing for everyone to have changed their minds. I remember my initial reaction to The West Wing was abject horror, because I felt pretty strongly that people needed to be insulated from the process of politics. I didn't end up liking the show until I made a point of learning more about American government (and unintentionally becoming a more responsible citizen as a result.) In the same way, I think Tron functioned to make people aware of technology in a way they weren't before, and that they needed to be exposed to it before they learned to like it.

There is a crude sexual joke to be made here, but I will restrain myself.
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I was talking to a guy who wasn't even born when Tron came out, and he was surprised to hear that there was a first movie.  He thought this one was based on the games.

And I'll bet he doesn't know about the first two arcade games either.  =)
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