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Subject: Cave Head on Shooters
Cave is possibly the last great shootermaker, but for my money their last truly great game was 1998's Dangun Feveron.  It's very interesting to hear Yukihiro Masaki, Cave's mobile head man echo similar sentiments over on GameSetWatch while leading the production of modern games even he's not especially fond of.


Shooting games themselves are based on a fairly simple system, which has been complicated in recent years by a lot of new gameplay elements that seem too difficult to me, compared to the shooters I played in my childhood.

I'm really bad at difficult games myself -- kind of ironic for someone who works at a developer like Cave -- so I think simpler games that players want to keep playing and find fun wind up being the best kind of shooters...

Dodonpachi for iPhone (NFG review) is a brilliant bit of work, but I can't help wonder what the result would be if someone were to do in iPhone version of the old and simple Raiden trilogy (I, II, DX) with a similar control scheme.
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