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Subject: Fantastic Game Character Remakes
Found via GameSetWatch a thread on the polycount.com forums that has a lot of artists posting their 3D re-imaginings of some pretty awesome video game characters.

Check out these amazing remakes of Cammy, Haggar, Mario, Zero and Terry Bogard.  (click images for links to more images in the original thread).

Cammy's my favourite, no question.  Possibly the best 3D female I've ever seen.

[Image: http://nfgworld.com/grafx/throwaway/Cammy.jpg]

[Image: http://nfgworld.com/grafx/throwaway/Mario.jpg]

Terry Bogard as an old man?  Awesome:

[Image: http://nfgworld.com/grafx/throwaway/FatalFury.jpg]

This is so cool.  Zero from Capcom's MegaMan:

[Image: http://nfgworld.com/grafx/throwaway/MegaManZero.jpg]

And how awesome, frickin' awesome is this shot of Final Fight's Haggar?

[Image: http://nfgworld.com/grafx/throwaway/Haggar.jpg]
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