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Subject: 81 SUPER JOGOS

Tec Toy in Brazil loves to drag out the old Sega lineup long after it's been retired, sent to pasture, died and been buried everywhere else in the world.  This white MegaDrive has 81 games built in, and no cartridge slot. 

Damn sexy tho.

Very interesting list of games:

  • Academy de Saber - a Brain Academy ripoff?
  • Battle Golfer Yui - released only in Japan, and now...  In Portuguese?
  • Art Alive requires a mouse, yet the console doesn't come with one.

There's the obligatory handful of Sega titles (Sonic, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Columns) but also some Taito ones (Rainbow Islands, Volfied, Rastan) and even a Namco game or two (Phelios, Dangerous Seed).  Many of the games appear to be filler developed in a hurry by committee:




A handful of the titles look like Atari 2600 games.  Perhaps they play better than they look...
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So old, yet so awesome  :-D
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Yeh as far as I can tell from this page they've made it white so you can customise it yourself. I bedazzled a Sega!
Most of those games do look like utter shite, granted :)
I had a super jogo this morning but we won't go into that ;)
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TecToy have been writing their own games since the 8 bit days at least - they coded the Sega Master System Street Fighter 2 conversion, and made a very.. err.. interesting.. compilation cart for SMS called 20 EM 1 which had some rather programming-exercise-esque basic games on it.
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