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Subject: RealCRT: Ultimate CRT Emulation
Lately there's been a lot of talk about MAMEdev (and MESSdev) adding crazy new code to emulate the old CRT monitors from the arcades of my youth.  We've covered the idea of CRT emulation before, and quite thoroughly I thought, but it's nice to see other people doing good work towards a noble goal.

Sort of. 

I mean, it's a fun academic exercise to try and reproduce the Authentic Experience™ but at some point what's all fun and games becomes insanity.  I mean, at its core we're reproducing the faults of old monitors, aren't we?  Old CRTs had a lot of flaws too, and the things it did best - perfect image scaling, fast refresh, brightness and contrast - cannot be emulated.

I am one of the biggest CRT fans, and I know a thing or two about the old tubes, so in an effort to make it easier for everyone, I have put together the ultimate CRT emulation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the NFGgames® RealCRT™:

click for larger

Please note the authentic features:
  • 1 - Top curl
  • 2 - Scanlines
  • 3 - Cigarette burn
  • 4 - Burn-in from the previous game
  • 5 - Overhead light reflections
  • 6 - Misconvergence
  • 7 - Poor contrast

The old monitors were simply better for a lot of things, and you can't emulate that.
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