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Subject: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
I'm being asked to evaluate the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna series of PC Engine games as a possible holiday present. So far, there's only one tick in the plus column due to the fact that this game shares some heritage with the Sakura Taisen series. Is it user friendly if you don't speak Japanese? Is it slightly naughty in a way that might make up for other gaming deficiencies? Does the tactical RPG combat stand out against the visual novel gaming, or is it the other way around? Any information is appreciated.
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I asked a few people, and got this back:

uh, the anime was never particularly naughty
it's not user friendly if you don't speak/read the language
"tactical RPG combat" ?!?!?    Does this person know the game ?
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The main connection with Sakura Taisen is that the Yuna chara designer did the mech designs for Sakura Taisen (other than of course that Hudson made both, but they made LOTS of games).

Unlike the anime, the original game sorta kinda almost was risque. It had disintigrating clothes when you defeated an enemy, but not to the point that you would see anything naughty; just of the milder 'scantility clad and defeated' poses type.

Starting with Yuna 2, it wasnt even that, it went for just cute then (and the anime followed suit). The game is jpn heavy, its mostly story. There are some card-battle type battle scenes, but those arent what's good about it, its the chara designs and voice acting that are good.

The PC-Engine games weren't of the tactical RPG variety; that's the Saturn/PS1 Yuna 3.

Oddly the Saturn/PS1 Yuna 3 is almost less-jpn heavy because the game is good enough to be enjoyed without the story (you spend more time in strategy/RPG type battles than you do the story in that one.

I miss that series.
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