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Subject: TV club?
The woman and I tend to watch a lot of TV, but I like to think we're good at it. We more or less marathon through TV shows by downloading entire seasons or series, then burning through them. A friend of ours warned us to pace ourselves after introducing us to media servers, but we paid no attention. We were busy burning through as many TV shows as possible.

Anyways, in the space of two years, we've finished a lot of decent shows and the a lot of god-awful ones. There have been a few gems in between.

I'm curious if anyone with similar intense viewing habits would be interested in burning through maybe an available season of a show, then discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the season on an episode by episode basis?

This specifically came to mind to me when discussing an episode of Deadwood with someone. They pointed out that in a scene where Wild Bill Hickock is murdered, they show him pausing when he realizes the only seat at the poker table has his back to the door rather than the wall which he's rather anal about. I missed it the first time, and will definitely look for it the second time around.

I'm interested in discovering the "art" of what makes a particular show good and/or why you enjoyed a show or not.

I actually just finished pitching the Wire to NFG, and would be interested in watching the first season again, but any other recommendations are welcome as well. If you're interested, what should we watch?
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I'd highly recommend 24. Start with Season 1. You'll be glued to the couch for days.
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