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Subject: Magic: The Gathering
Back when I lived in Canada a few of my friends discovered Magic: The Gathering, a collectable card game.  If you've never heard of it, the best way I can describe it is thusly:

Each player is a magician/sorcerer/whatever with 20 life points, and the object is to take those points away from your opponent.  You can do this directly with magic attacks, or indirectly by attacking with creatures you control.  You can summon creatures or cast spells by playing cards, and there are like 5,000 different cards now.  Each card changes the rules of the game, and the combinations of cards and sheer variability of the rules makes the game insanely complex.

While Zumi was in Japan I traded a bunch of comics for Magic cards and when she returned she joined us in our weekly Magic nights.  It was good fun but eventually the effort of creating a deck from the thousands of cards became too much effort and we stopped playing.

A few weeks ago I saw an internet ad for a special Magic set, two ready-to-play decks designed to be played against each other.  It features cards from the latest release (Lorwyn I think) and is a Goblins vs Elves theme.  I bought the set for Zumi for xmas, and we played a few games before she rushed back to Japan.

Wow, what fun.

It brought the joy of the game back again, playing the fun game where we had to check the internet for rule clarifications at least once per game.

Total joy.  =D


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