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Subject: Heath Ledger: Channel 10 does it right
I've never liked channels 7 and 9.  Shows like Today Tonight and A Current Affair are muck-raking fear-mongering lowest-common-denominator tripe.  The day Heath Ledger died (An actor I confess I don't give a rat's ass about) they were running half-hour specials about what happened and how it happened and, in lieue of facts, they filled these shows with speculation, guesses, and old footage.

Channel ten did nothing, until tonight, when they ran two of Heath's best movies (A Knight's Tale and The Patriot).  7 and 9 dig for the details of his death of the barrel, and 10 celebrates his life.

Bravo, 10.
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I'm so bored I'm dragging back topics,
but in America we saw a program (in a Today tonight/ACA manner) where they were going to show us the 'apartment where Heath Ledger died'.
Infact what they did was do half an hour of other celebrity crap, then show us some pictures of the sitting room of an apartment in the same building (note, not his actual room) that was taken from an advertisement when they were trying to sell it.

How sad is that....
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