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Subject: Increasing the human lifespan is mandatory
While reading a post in a video game forum today someone mentioned a concept by a writer who I knew by name only.  It occurred to me, in a flash, that there are a shitload of good writers out there and we, as a race, are possibly approaching a time where we cannot help but repeat the actions (and mistakes) of others because we could not possibly assume all the important things we need to know before we die.

Consider this: If you could learn everything important by the age of 14, you could be productive and create new knowledge from then.  As more and more people create and increase the amount of knowledge we need, our productive-from date becomes later and later. 

So we have to live longer, we have to be alert and creative and cognizant for longer, so we can learn more and become productive later.  The alternative is letting the machines remember and think for us, and really I think too far down that road and we'll end up dying off while the computers conquer the stars.

(if you're interested, the author and concept that triggered this was Noam Chomsky and the idea of 'manufactured consent')
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