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Subject: Really cool Macross Valkyrie
When I was a kid I saw, in a local toyshop, a Japanese toy.  The only things I knew about it were:
  • it looked awesome
  • it had the word "Valkyrie" on it
  • it was thirty five bucks, far more than I could afford at the time.

Turns out it was a Macross (aka Robotech) Valkyrie transforming jet fighter.  The same mold for this toy was used for one of the Transformers toys (jetfire I think).

Turns out they're still making Macross shows and toys in Japan.  This one has caught my eye today:


It's $150 of awesome sauce, I have to say.  The only problem is, while it looks kickass as a plane, it looks tall and spindly as a robot. 

Gerwalk mode is pretty decent on this one.  I like the overall feel:


The battroid mode is...  Well, it's very Patlabor innit?  Too tall, too skinny:


Check out this page for a few dozen more pics:
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