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Subject: Telstra hates us all.
Sol Trujillo, the American head of Telstra, has decided to grant us the pleasure of ADSL2+ at all their phone exchanges, starting more or less immediately.  Their gracious move comes after the Australian government promised not to mandate fair or competitive pricing. 

Telstra had resisted pressure to turn on the technology citing concerns that Australia's competition regulator would attempt to set wholesale pricing for the service.

So now that they don't have to compete with anyone, they'll happily do their job and speed up Australian broadband a notch.  And check out what he thinks we're going to use it for:

"This simple act of the new Government unlocks the potential of high-speed broadband for households around Australia, enabling more people to fully participate in remote education, send or receive X-rays and medical files, rapidly download videos or run their business without sacrificing time with their families," Telstra chief executive Sol Trujillo said.   (Emphasis mine)

Well, he got ONE right, videos will download faster.  I love how he managed to squeeze in some hot new technologies that no one will EVER use (sending and receiving x-rays?  Come on, like that's ever been desirable, let alone difficult).

Let's face facts, Sol: only when the threat of competition is removed do you get off your ass and do something.

You're not a friend to anyone, you're a fucking asshole.

As you might expect, Whirlpool has some interesting things to say:

But people may be turned off the thought of ADSL2+ once they see the prices. Unlike its competitors, Telstra uses a tiered pricing model based on speed, where a user pays significantly more for ADSL2+ than they do for ADSL1. BigPond's cheapest unbundled plan is $69.95 for only 600MB, with $150/GB excess fees and counted uploads.

A representative from Internode added

there is new information in that Telstra announcement, that conflicts with a decade of competition policy and practice.

Info taken from:
Australian IT
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