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Subject: Forum drama and other bastards
A recent RenaultSport forum discussion on an AusGov apology to Aboriginals, boiled over, as they often do, into a flame fest.  During this conversation, during which I was taking great pains to be mostly civil and only once corrected the grammar of some barely-literate morons, I discovered a few things:

1. I have a fairly aggressive conversational style.  Now you might be thinking "Oh, no, NFG, that's just crazy" but hear me out.  I don't talk much, unless I know what I'm talking abour.  If I'm out of my league I recognize it and I tend to shut up and listen.  Conversely, when I'm IN my league, I tend to speak as if I'm some sort of authority.  Which makes snese really, 'cause if I wasn't I wouldn't be speaking.  The two come hand in hand.  The result is some people get really pissed off 'cause they perceive me as some sort of egotistical know-it-all.

2. There are three kinds of people in most of these conversations:
  • Those who immediately appreciate my candor
  • Those who initially think I'm a freak and later come to recognize that maybe I'm OK after all (Hi Bernardo!)
  • Those who can't stand my attitude and, no matter what I say, fight against me

Typically the third type causes the most trouble, 'cause they refuse or are unable to follow the facts of the conversation and instead take every opportunity to attack me and/or my methods.

3. A lot of people can't understand how a right-thinking person could come to a conclusion different from theirs based on the same facts.  Some really bizarre things were said in this thread, essentially conflating opinion with fact, and if I dared point this out, I'm obviously a trouble maker.

4. The AusGov apology to aboriginals might not be a bad idea after all.  I was against it for several reasons, but the bottom line is I think the apology is an empty gesture that won't affect real change, and I think anyone who has had a miserable shit life while they waited and begged for this apology is an idiot.  If this apology suddenly allows you to stand tall and get your life together then I don't think very highly of you.  That said though, if the apology DOES let some people get their shit together and move on, then sure, maybe it's worth doing.
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