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Subject: No Country for Old Men
I watched No Country for Old Men last night. I want to form an opinion on it, but I just can't. When the credits rolled I was totally empty, I just didn't care. The movie set up events that should have led to a fantastic series of fights and chases and then, after teasing the viewer a little, just ground to a halt.

It was like lighting a massive pile of fireworks, and the fuses get brighter and brighter and you're on the edge of your seat waiting for the BANG and slowly, one by one, the fuses go out, until suddenly the credits are rolling and you're going "Wait, what?"

By the time it ended I'd first enjoyed, then endured a roller coaster ride with only one big hump in the middle. It started off with so much promise and then, one by one, the fuses started going out and then, just as it started to drag on and I'm wondering when it's going to get to the point, it was over.

I think it was a waste of two hours. Maybe. It's hard to decide - the first half was awesome, the second half didn't suck... But it failed to do anything. On the one hand I want to applaud the creators for doing something unexpected, but I can't help but believe if it's going to be different it should be better.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Don't read on unless you want to know how it ends...

The basic plot was simple: A man stumbles across a drug deal gone wrong, makes off with a satchel of money, and is then pursued by the drug baron's hired thug. In the end everyone dies except the thug, but even he's in a completely random car accident at the very last and walks away with a serious injury.

So, a story was told about some bad things, some bad people, and some opportunists, and then at the end nothing had really changed. Why watch a movie if none of the events portrayed really make a difference? If all a movie has to offer is some unlikable people and a null conclusion, why make it?
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