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A continuing saga
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Subject: My Neighbors
You might remember my neighbors, the feral motherfuckers from such threads as My Lawn, the Garbage Pile.   Well, last night they went berzerk.

I was just about to go to bed when I hear the yelling.  Now, this isn't unusual.  The mother over there is a screaming bitch who's barely understandable at the best of times, but she's joined this time by someone else who, no shit, seems to only be able to scream a gravelly  AAAAaaaahhhh where you would normally find words.

Aaaah beeeh rraaaaa hheeeeeehehhhhhhhh

and so I turn off the light and lean up to the window to see what's going on.  The baby's screaming, and the two older kids (who yelled at me to "slow the fuck down!" when I was doing 40km/h down my street the same night) were running out the back door and hiding in the corners of the yard.

In condensed form, the events:
I see an arm bash the window, through the curtain
I hear LOUD thumping and yelling
Mom tears the curtains down.
Mom throws one item (a rock?  A mug?) through the window
then another one through the window
a third one through the window
then more banging, crashing and screaming
then more curtains are torn down, another window is smashed
I hear the daughter screaming at mom, mom screams back, otherlady goes "meehehhhhehhhhhaaaahhh"

Dogs are barking, lights are coming on in neighboring houses, and finally a car pulls up (cops?) and some subdued voices for ten minutes, then everyone goes back to sleep.

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