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Subject: Progressive Rock
Progressive rock is known for being epic, lengthy and not radio friendly. The compositions are more elaborate than the standard rock or popular verse-chorus based song structures. As well, the arrangements often incorporate elements drawn from classical, jazz, world music, avant-garde music, hard rock, and heavy metal. Songs with lyrics, are often conceptual, philosophical, or based in fantasy.

Here's some bands that I highly recommend:

Dream Theater
Neal Morse
Fates Warning

If the above description sounds like something you'd enjoy, then check it out! It's well worth your time.
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One thing I've noticed, and correct me if I'm wrong 'cause I've only got Dream Theatre tracks you've recommended to me to go on here...  Prog rock seems to have a problem sticking to a theme.  The songs tend to cover so much ground, flitting back and forth between styles and speeds...

It drives me crazy, as if they're trying so hard to show off or be progressive that they can't find a theme and stick to it.  I have the same problem with Cradle of Filth, who do some songs I generally enjoy...
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hi all ^^
Riverside is THE band that i discovred this year "schyzophrenic prayer" make me...... SICK and i looooooooooooove this :D
i can add to this "Pain of Salvation" particulary the album "Be".... a masterpiece :D
and also Xavier Phideaux ..... a great musican..singer...composer....take a look at 7 ^^
i will take a look at the bads that you recommands :p
(i don't know kino magellan and osi ^^ )
good day ^^
PS : i omited to talk about IQ - Magenta - Isildur's Bane.... OMG there's a lot of them :p
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