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Subject: Kings of Power - Four Billion Percent!
So this guy named Paul Robertson released a video that I'm pretty sure took him a long, long time.  It's a mad sequence of charming and disgusting pixel art, depicting escalating lunacy anime-style.  For 12 minutes the world is assaulted, protected, annihilated, recreated, saved, doomed again and ...  Well then it gets worse.

Just about every frame is stuffed with silliness.  Go check it out.   

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kopd.gif]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kope.gif]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kopf.gif]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop1.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop2.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop3.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop4.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop5.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop6.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop7.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kop8.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kopa.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/KoP4B/kopc.jpg]
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