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Subject: Man, fuck April Fools.
April Fools Day sucks!

You can't go anywhere or read anything without wonderinf if you're being lied to.  Every retard on the planet thinks it's funny to fuck with you, and then blurt out "April Fools!" as if that somehow makes it ok to douse me in gasoline and set me on fire.  No, it's not fucking OK!

It's all just fucking RUDE and the whole idea of April Fools should be outlawed.
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I always have one vacation day to burn on the first of April. I hide in the house, cook my own food, and play offline video games. I also stay off the Internet and unplug the phone.

When people screw with you anyway, you should remind them that April Fool's is a celebration of religious intolerance. The tradition started when newly zealous Christians wanted to find a way to shame pagans into adopting the new calendar, which illogically started the year in the middle of winter rather than right at the start of Spring. People don't like to seem ignorant or bigoted, and that's a wonderful way to put them in an awkward state of mind.
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I still don't get the rickrolling thing, if that's any help. I don't see the correlation between the two or indeed the reason for it in the first place.
Cats doing stuff, SOAP, All your base, combinations of the three, they all have a basis in SOMETHING, but rickrolling? Nope, it's lost on me.
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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