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Subject: There Will Be Blood
This movie SUCKS.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB1.jpg]
It was as dark as this shaft, with barely a glimmer of hope it might get better.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB2.jpg]
It was as bleak and colourless as this desert.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB3.jpg]
I felt like this after watching it: dirty, and pissed off.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB4.jpg]
The movie was as unlikable as this guy: the main character was a mean thug.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB5.jpg]
It was as dull as this landscape: Horrible ill-suited music and no absolutely no point.   

[Image: /grafx/Movies/TWBB6.jpg]
It's as unredeemable as this ridiculous religious idiot.

Argh, it's just too terrible.  I can't imagine why this movie won an Oscar.  It's long, boring, and pointless.  If there was a point I have no idea what it was: The main character, whose name I've thankfully forgotten, was a mean, heartless asshole with nary a redeeming feature.  He was a prick at the start, and he was a prick at the end.

I can't help but wonder why they bothered with this movie at all: There's a mean cocksucker who does some mean stuff and some people die.

Fuck this movie.
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