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Subject: One of those days...
So, ok, yesterday was a wash-out, a struggle not unlike that of the dung beetle, only involving less consistent materials to work with and a steeper gradient.
In chronological order of annoyance.

1) I got an email back from one of my TAFE tutors saying that the unit I'd submitted was good so far and that she thought I was now ready to attempt the assignment questions. This began the day with a firmly-placed WTF in the cojones. The paperwork I had for that module contained 19 questions, which I duly completed and returned. Turns out that this paperwork is probably incomplete, which is the third time that will have happened. This means that I wasted two weeks completing a unit when I probably needn't have. I may outline my ongoing TAFE saga at a later date. I'm almost at the stage of demanding a refund.

2) After two days of no service at my local train station due to engineering works to replace track, I get to the station and find cancelled trains and others running very slowly. Due to faulty track. Hilarious. Half an hour added to my journey.

3) Experience recurrence of numbness in my leg all day, followed by sharp pain in the same area.

4) Get micro-managed at work by a usually relaxed pre-holiday manager.

5) Get rained on with special ice cold London rain from the station to my house, despite it having been clear from lunch time until stepping off the train, which was still subject to cancellations and delays because another section of track had broken.

6) Go to prepare dinner and find that what we thought was two pizza bases in a pack was actually only one, so eating a fairly depressing microwave meal from the freezer while the wife ate the planned dinner.

My day was great.
It was probably a karmic rebalancing from receiving a £1300 tax rebate.
How was yours?
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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Well I'm off to Japan in a couple of days, so my future's looking pretty bright.

Except everyone around me's coming down with a cold.  I'm sucking back water and fruit juice 'cause I know I'm gonna get the fucking thing a few days after everyone else does.  If my trip sucks 'cause I'm sick I'm gonna make the news, I swear.

The E-Commerce interface we created turns out to have been dangerously unreliable, and probably never worked right from day one.  Strangely no one complained, but we spent all afternoon fucking with it anyway.

I'm going to Korea and I don't speak a fucking word of Korean.  I'm gonna die.

Actually, shit, my day was pretty great.  It's hard to pretend it sucked nearly as bad as yours.  So: Sucks to be you!  =)
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True, it probably does suck to be me.

But this week I have 4 Wii games and 2 DS games turning up, which is nice.

Korea should be fun, I know someone there teaching English.

See if you can find me Bare Knuckle 1 and 2 for the Megadrive while you're in Japan, would you? There's a good boy. And don't forget to hit the server reset switch.
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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