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Subject: At which point do we stop caring about our appearance?
I was on the bus earlier.
I don't usually get the bus.
It's full of weirdos and local personalities.
I prefer not to mingle with that sort of person.
But I had to get some things from the shop and bus was the only viable way home.
There was a fat woman sitting.
She was in her mid-twenties and was eating crisps.
She wasn't overly fat, more like a UK size 18.
From her face, if she had lost a bit of weight and some inches, it's clear she would be pretty.
The indication from the crisps was that she didn't mind getting fatter.
I just waited for my stop and hoped she wouldn't try to eat me.
There was also an old woman sitting.
She had what for me amounts to a 3 day growth on her chin.
It even seemed stubbly, as opposed to soft wispy hair that had been allowed to grow unchecked.
Almost as if she'd shaved, then forgotten to lately.
I just waited for my stop and hoped she wouldn't try to talk to me about her piles.
I wondered why both of these people seemed not to care any more about their appearance.
I know it requires the thought to register and the idea and motivation to eat better and try to exercise more, but when do fat people give up on caring that they're fat?
Equally, could it be menopause that removes a woman's ability to automatically care about how they look or is facial hair given out at the same place old ladies get tartan shopping trollies and light brown stockings?
Life is full of mysteries.
I'm just waiting for my stop.
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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