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Subject: Daifeifei - Chinese model in FHM Olympic gallery
So there's this girl named Daifeifei (戴菲菲) in China, and she's a model.  Recently she was involved in an FHM-China photoshoot, to commemorate 4 years of the magazine in China, and the upcoming Olympics.  She posted some of the pics on her blog and I'm reproducing them for you here.  (found via danwei)

The first one's my favourite, the next two are awesome.  The rest are merely great.  =)

This is the kind of photography I want to do.  =)

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei7.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei1.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei5.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei0.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei3.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei4.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei2.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei6.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei8.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/girls/FHM/FHM-daifeifei9.jpg]
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Crazy long legs.

They look like the exact opposite of your average Chinese girl.
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