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Subject: Interview with a Cam Girl
There's this girl named Lily-Rose (Not the name her mother gave her, of course) who launched her own camgirl site to help defray the costs of university.  After four years of delivering the goods - all the goods - to her paying fanbase, she's calling it quits.  I've been a lurker/stalker of hers for years, and when I saw she was shutting down I asked her if I could interview her about her experiences and future plans. 

[Image: /grafx/lily-rose.jpg]
(argh, I'm upset - I lost all my pics of her somehow...)

Happily, she said yes.  Here's that interview:

You apparently started the site to help finance your education, is that correct?

Yes that’s correct.  I started the site in 2004, the year i was entering university, I needed extra money to buy books. You know how pricy psychology and neurologybooks are.  But the money i got from the site also served for my own activities such as shopping, concerts, trips…      When the site began to have lots of members, I decided to stop studying for a year or two.  The site contributed enough that I was able to leave my parents' house.

But i didn’t start the site just for the money. I had shot lots of naked pictures and some videos before and enjoyed it. My boyfriend who was taking all the pics and vids proposed I have my own site just like some other girls had. I really liked the idea so I thought why not? and we started working on that.  I remember we were all excited when we go our first subscriptions 

[Image: /grafx/lily-rose4.jpg]

How well did that work for you?  Was it lucrative enough to justify the somewhat extreme step of going naked in front of millions of people?

At the beginning , we didn’t know anything about how to have traffic on a site.  We had no idea how much work this was.  I started advertising on camsites and started to have a members & fan base.   One year after launching the site, we could easily live off the site’s revenues because they were high.   We were amazed each time we received checks.  Nowadays, it gets harder to live off it, with all the free adult things on the web and people who just have fun watching the previews.  =)

Your site was blocked in Belgium last time I mentioned it to a friend there.  Is it still?  Why did you do it?  Parents, or perhaps you were seeking to avoid street-level meetings with fans?

Yes it’s still blocked for belgian people.  It’s a little country here, I didn’t want to be annoyed by people who believe that I’m an escort girl or that I want to have sex with them just because they saw me on video and that I live just near them.  Once, a girl who I was in high school with found out about the site and she was harassing me on the phone, on the web.I guess she was perturbed to see me on video. It was the thing that made me decide to block it from Belgian users. Just for my tranquility.

My real friends know about my naked activities on the web and are fine with that. That makes them cool.  =)

[Image: /grafx/lily-rose2.jpg]

Now that you're shutting down, are you still planning to keep the good citizens of Belgium (I assume they're good, they're never in the news...) away from your online life?

I guess no lol. I’m not blocking my new site from belgian people because there won’t be any X rated stuff anymore.  I don’t mind them on my new world.  They can already follow me on camsites and on my blog though.  =)

What's next?  I understand you're not giving up the soapbox entirely,with a blog and 'rude' cam...  Is the soapbox hard to give up or do you just like being online?  Or is the attention you crave? 

I’m working on my new site where I’ll be having my blog and my cam.  Webcaming has become an important part of my life and I don’t want to stop that for now.  I like being on the net, I still like to hang around naked knowing I’m being watched.  I’ll be selling pictures(cam archives) and broadcasting on my rude profile ( ).   As long as I enjoy it I will stay.  I’m done with XXX videos/photos though, I just want to do something else. =)

[Image: /grafx/lily-rose3.jpg]

Did you have any real-life troubles as a result of your online activities? 

Being harrassed by this mentally troubled girl is probably the only trouble I got. I don’t see any other. I’ve never been recognized or at least never been approached by people who know about the site. I’ve been lucky I guess.

Any regrets?

I don’t regret anything ! that’s true.  =)
I’ve had a good time and a lot of fun when I was doing that. I’ve met some cool people online (some real jerks too by the way) and I’m glad about that.  But I think it’s time for me to move forward. I knew I wasn’t going to do that for long because running an adult site all by myself is a lot of work and at the end it was becoming quite like an obligation more than a fun activity.

They're very very nice.  They seem to defy gravity sometimes.  Are they real?

Absolutly ! 100% natural ;)

I'm planning to tour Europe for the first time next year.  I've got a friend I'd like to visit in Belgium.  If you're still there, how's about lunch?  =D

Haha =)

I don’t usually meet people from the web but have fun in Europe ! ;)

[Image: /grafx/lily-rose5.jpg]
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