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Subject: ever heard of the law? or patience even?
A small rant, but a rant nonetheless.

Just a bit of background; There is a rather crowded section of main road that the majority of people living in our area must pass through maybe a few times a day. which involves a stop sign when you enter onto this one particularly busy road. Now commonsense and the law require you to STOP at a stop sign, even for a second, especially if you do not wish to be hit side on by a car whizzing by.

The other day we pull up to this sign, stop to look left, and STRAIGHT AWAY, not even a chance to pause, some idiot pulls in behind us and starts honking his horn telling us to move on! Fucking retard has no patience, and clearly cannot waste a few seconds of his life to let us make sure we aren't going to die on turning a corner. WTF is wrong with people?!
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There's a four-way stop near my place, and people haven't got a fucking clue what to do there.  Impatient, lazy, stupid or just natural risk-takers I dunno, but when my shipment of RPGs arrives I'm gonna be all Taliban on their asses from a nearby rooftop.
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I think the thing that pisses me off the most is people driving too close to the person in front of them. And morons who speed around in front of you then slow down.

*sigh* why isn't the world full of perfect people like us?
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Selfish drivers annoy me tremendously, but I'm going to take the unusual step of being forgiving and understanding in this regard.

Either someone has a good reason to be a hurry, or a bad reason to be in a hurry. If the guy is rushing a pregnant woman to the hospital or running his tax return to the post office, then I'm not in as much of a hurry and I can let him by. If he's just a selfish jerk and can't be bothered to consider my place ahead of him, then no amount of argument will change his mind and I lose nothing by letting him by. Either way, I gain nothing by confrontation.

If you're interested in crawling into these people's heads, then it's interesting to see that they treat a stop sign like a yield sign. In their minds, if there's no obvious oncoming traffic then there's no need to stop. It's not right, but in the absence of continuous monitoring and correction it's not an unusual thing to become conditioned to.

In kidd's place? I might have gotten out of the car and asked the person behind for directions. That would have had comedy value.
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