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Old fashioned crap.  =(
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Subject: 'Honor' killing in Germany
A 16 year old girl was stabbed over 20 times by her 23 year old brother because she was 'too German' with her makeup and short skirts.  Spiegel has a pretty good writeup on the story of Afghanistan immigrants struggling to hang on to a sense of purpose and self-worth in a new world.

The father was an elite soldier, a Mig-21 pilot, who was resigned to driving buses to support his family.  Failing to find a serious source of pride, many Afghan immigrants essentially fell back to the only thing they could control: Their families.  Morsal Obeidi, the victim in this story, had repeatedly sought protection from authorities from her violent father and brother: this was not a happy, loving family, despite what the father may have thought.

In this new world, the proud men are the first to become losers. They lose their way of life, because in their world their only claim to authority is the fact that they are men and that, as men, they can resort to their one advantage over women, brute strength. They cling to old concepts like honor, because honor is something that even a loser can invoke.

The troubled girl, pulled out of school by her parents and beaten by all the men in her family, was killed by them. 

Disgusting.  I've no respect and little mercy for these men and their rock-solid adherence to pathetic, outdated social order.  =(
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The sad and scary thing is how often this happens.

The poor girl is mistreated by the men in her family, tries to escape into the world where she can be protected, misses her mother or something, comes home to visit and is killed.

Can you imagine especially if a girl is trying to escape, and is then subject to further abuse, racism, etc etc, then goes home to people she thinks will support her to be killed? Makes you sick...

When I'm ruling the world, all assholes will be killed. You have my word on it.
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