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Subject: American presidential race...
There are a few things in my life that I like to support regardless of the sense of it.  I was a big fan of Atari computers, even though their poor management prevented them from ever having a shot at greatness.  I love the Opera browser, because the company is run by people who believe in the things I do.  And I think Obama's the best choice for the next US president.

This article discusses in brief the idea that Obama's too naive to be president.  Some people are using as evidence of this the fact he recently said, when asked if he "would be willing to talk with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea 'without preconditions' during their first year in office."

Obama said he would.

Some people are saying that this is a sign of weakness, as if being open to resolving differences, to maintaining an open dialogue - at all times - is somehow the mark of a dreamer.

Dream on, I say.  We won't build a better world by letting old shit fester, by closing doors and punishing people with our silence.  Dream big, and act big.

Quote by the article:
Obama added, referring to the countries that the questioner listed, "It is a disgrace that we have not spoken with them." For instance, he said, we need to talk with Iran and Syria, if only about Iraq, "because if Iraq collapses, they're going to have responsibilities."

I don't know if Obama will make a good president, but I do know that he says the things I like to hear.  If he means what he says, then he's a man I'd vote for.
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