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Subject: Rockslide at Beerwah
So we went up Beerwah today, and wow, it's changed.  Some time in the last week or so a large part of the overhang fell off, tumbling down the main ascent path and causing a rather significant amount of damage.  You started to see the damage long before you reached the base of the mountain, with handrails ripped from their supports, and supports (big wooden poles) shattered in half.  Part of the wooden railing at the base is blown away, there are pieces missing from the bench, and from the deck.  The rock wall has rocks missing from it, and most of the greenery near the base is completely gone.

The trail to the top is completely different.  Never mind that every groove and foothold is now full of gravel or white dust, many parts of the rock are gone or shifted.  The top, before entering the trees at the halfway point, is completely covered by knocked over trees and other debris.  The entire climb is somewhat surreal: There are very few trees, and every route you used to take is now missing or different.  There are signs of shattered rock everywhere, and the white dust is pervasive.

The entire climb is treacherous now.  It's not as bad as when it rains, but you can not trust your feet now, as they'll land on dusty slopes, gravel-covered ledges, or solid parts that aren't solid anymore.

Despite having closed the hill there were as many people as usual doing the climb.  Knowing now what I do, I wouldn't do it again until some good rains clear the path a little, or the park rangers clear it up.
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And to think I was going to climb it this weekend. Also I'd forgotten this site existed untill you linked it to me. Yay?
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crazy, I hope there was no one on it or near it at the time! Though seeing it happen would have been epic!
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Pics of Beerwah damage!

Sadly I didn't take my camera this day.  Of all the times to leave it at home...  =(

[Image: 8.jpg]
Because we're idiots we didn't heed the warning.

[Image: 5.jpg]
The railing support poles were annihilated by falling rocks.

[Image: 6.jpg]

[Image: 7.jpg]
That big white rock?  Didn't used to be there.

[Image: 1.jpg]
You can see part of the railing has been blown away.  Also missing (not shown): a chunk of the bench, and at least one chunk from the rock wall.

[Image: 2.jpg]
This is the final approach to the base of the climb.  The stairs have been cleared, but all of the greenery (picture-right) is gone.

[Image: 3.jpg]
This is the top of the rock face, where normally you'd be entering the tree-covered section.  The entrance is completely gone, and a new path has already been carved far to the left of this photo.

[Image: 4.jpg]
This is where it all started.  That tree (arrow) is broken off where the first falling rock went right through it.  The noise and chaos must have been mindblowing.
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